San Francisco’s Great New Year’s Fireworks 2010 (Videos)


My name is John Boitnott and I am a tech writer and digital media consultant. I write for, Entrepreneur, Business Insider, USAToday and others. I have held dozens of positions at various TV newsrooms in the state of California. I worked in TV news from 1994 to 2009. I was a web editor for years at KNTV, the NBC station in the San Francisco Bay Area. held freelance writing positions at KGO, KRON and KPIX in San Francisco as well. I worked as a radio anchor, assignment desk manager, reporter, editor and producer at KEYT in Santa Barbara for 10 years.


  1. Cat

    January 2

    I heard you say, "Too bad the world sucks." I want you to turn that frown upside down, young man!

    • admin

      January 2

      Yeah it's definitely something I'm struggling with. Sometimes I feel like we're going down the tubes. The inter-web-tubes apparently. ;P

  2. Janine K.

    January 2

    Nice pics, hun!


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