Fart Gets Schoolboy Detention

Fart Gets Schoolboy Detention

“…and for letting it rip on the ride home…” Did you ever think you would hear those words spoken by your...

“…and for letting it rip on the ride home…” Did you ever think you would hear those words spoken by your 6pm news anchorwoman? Well listen up then. This little sneaker got detention for “letting one slip on the school bus”. The boy states that he’s now frightened to fart on the school bus and he has to hold it in.

This 6th grader, 11-year old Christian Summers got detention for a simple slip of the cheeks. He ended up having to serve an hours worth for farting "several" times on the bus and making the other children laugh. This whole story stinks I say.

The school that he attends is Thoreau Elementary in the Parma School District in Cleavland, Ohio. Apparently this was young Christian's second offense.

The driver wrote on the detention slip, "Thinks it's funny to pass gas while on the van. I've told him it's not funny, nor polite to the others in the van. While the others scream, he laughs."

"The normal reaction is to giggle about it and everyone else is going, 'ew,' but, I don't think...it was definitely not worth being disciplined over," said Jodi Hochevar, who watched Christian after school.

The District spokesman Kevin Brennan had this to say about the incident: "Matters involving student discipline are resolved by building administration in accordance with established district guidelines and policies."

Christian now fears his flatulence. If he is caught passing gas on the bus again, he could get four or five days of detention. Now he is secretive when letting one slide on his small school bus. "When I have to pass gas I have to cover myself [so] it won't stink up the bus," Christian said.

I feel for him…every time I’m on a first date I get the worst stomach aches from having to hold my flatulence in. Maybe that’s why I never get to a third date…’cause on the second, I let ‘em rip like Kirstie Alley pants when she bends over to pick up a donut.

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