Using Pics with Tweets to Engage People and Attract Followers

Using Pics with Tweets to Engage People and Attract Followers

I'm starting here what I would like to think would be an ongoing case study in how to build fans and...

I'm starting here what I would like to think would be an ongoing case study in how to build fans and followers on Twitter, through the use of pictures in one's tweets.

It's good enough to tweet compelling articles and other content  from third-party sites through your tweetstream. It's good to allow people to see pieces of your conversations. It's great to speak with everyone you can. However, I am of the opinion that you need a little something more in order to truly give people that icing on the cake. Tweeting pictures from your smart phone is an excellent way to go.

Tweet Your Life

That thing on the right of this post is at least 75 years old. My grandmother, who is 88, said it was already a large tree when she moved into her Sonoma County house 40 years ago. Now, the tree is protruding into her house slightly, and none of us care. It is beautiful, and all I think of when I stand next to it is that I need to respect it by taking several pictures of it.

The eventual point I'm trying to get across is that, after tweeting this bad boy, I received a half a dozen tweets, both publicly and private, from people who were happy someone tweeted a picture such as this. I am engaging my followers, and they are liking it. I've had no complaints. Here's an example of a positive comment I received.


The "picture tweets" brought several comments. This is one of them.


On this one I allowed a bit of my artistic side to come out. I use a down loadable Blackberry app called Snap 2 Twitter that makes tweeting out the pics a piece of cake. Those of you with iPhones and other smart phones have other favorite apps you may know about.

In order to build a base of people who want to listen to what you have to say, be yourself. Let what you do come out in the things you tweet. When people respond to you, respond back. You will find that some of them just enjoy talking to you and will follow your activities. Follow their activities too as much as you can and actually care about these other people. It's a fun process -- an ongoing interactive diary of life with some nice people coming with you on the ride.

The pics don't all have to be representations of your real life. They can involve your job, especially if you work in social media or are a journalist. In a future post, I plan on showing some of the tweets that I have sent that have augmented my work as a social media strategist and a journalist.


My name is John Boitnott and I am a tech writer and digital media consultant. I write for, Entrepreneur, Business Insider, USAToday and others. I have held dozens of positions at various TV newsrooms in the state of California. I worked in TV news from 1994 to 2009. I was a web editor for years at KNTV, the NBC station in the San Francisco Bay Area. held freelance writing positions at KGO, KRON and KPIX in San Francisco as well. I worked as a radio anchor, assignment desk manager, reporter, editor and producer at KEYT in Santa Barbara for 10 years.


  1. riesen2b

    October 12

    Well, I picked up on your tweet at, and that is how I ended up here. It's a very interesting idea you have, as was the story about the tree.

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  3. John Boitnott

    October 25

    Thanks a lot I am glad you enjoyed the story riesen!

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  5. Name

    October 26

    for the twitter amateurs among us, howz about a brief rundown on HOW to tweet a photo?

  6. Carol Malabey

    December 12

    Thanks very much Cheryl, for your words of appreciation.


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